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You can have a business and lifestyle you love that supports more people and creates true wealth. Heart Sells! is a podcast for heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs who want to serve more people, grow their business, and create the life of their dreams. Christine Schlonski, the Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset, presents sales success stories of world-class entrepreneurs to inspire you, help you to thrive in your business, and sell authentically from your heart.


Or you feel like you are ready and want some personal guidance for massive results apply for a call here and we will design an action plan for you to work together.


" Deciding to work with Christine was not an easy one. But when I talked to her I felt a genuine interest in supporting me to get my business to the next level.
All I can say is, I am so happy I said YES. I was not in a comfortable place in investing in 1:1 coaching but knew I needed support to get to level-up and
I was tired of not serving the people who needed my support and of not making the money I desired to create the lifestyle of my dreams only because
I could not sell with ease and ask my price confidently owning my worth. I had checked out several coaches before I came across Christine.
I loved her content and energy and decided to have a call with her to see what she could offer.
Even though I ended up investing slightly more than I would have with the other coach I am super excited and happy I said yes to myself.
I went from 3.000€ to 20.000€ in only 3 short months while taking off 4 weeks for travel. I believe connecting to Christine's energy field made it possible to receive more.
After I said yes and made the payment but before we even started coaching I added new clients to my business.
Christine always helps me to see my own potential, to see the possibilities and a much bigger picture.
I was able to take a 4 week trip to Africa (get paid for it) and I am so confident now when selling that I even sign up clients when I do calls from the airport or while traveling.
Sales became so much easier, it is fun and I started to make great money.
This is amazing! Christine's heart-centered approach to selling, her strategies, her ways of helping me see a bigger picture and stepping into my next best version is amazing.
I am always looking so much forward to our next session because I can feel my growth, I can see my revenue increasing rapidly and I can only think to myself, WOW! What else is possible?
I love the impact I am making, the programs she helps me to design, the strategies she teaches me that are aligned with my core and my new confidence when I am making offers to my ideal clients.
I would never have thought that I will grow so fast and that I actually have something to show for all my hard work.
Thank you so much, Christine. I can highly recommend everyone working with you if they wanted to make a bigger impact and get their business to the next level.

Birgit Kaps Twin Flame Coach and Consciousness Mentor

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