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Your place to be to create a business and lifestyle you love 

in a heart-centered community from all around the world.

I am so excited you are here because you have a gift to share with the world and you know deep down inside you are not sharing enough with the people who need you and you are not where you want to be in your business and live.
You have BIG dreams and you are looking for a way to make them come true.

You are looking for:

  • an outstanding community of like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs who love freedom from all around the world
  • intercultural exchange
  • accountability so you get stuff done
  • ongoing learning and growth
  • the best strategies that work for you and your business
  • inspiration and motivation
  • a place where you can belong and be who you are
  • new friends
  • a global community
  • making the world a better place with your gifts and the support of others

"The most helpful and heartwarming community on the worldwide web.
Not only that I got to know inspiring, interesting soulmates from all over the world, but also connected to thoughtful supporters of my monthly goals.
Christine's Heart Sells! Members' Community is like a vitamin supplement for my business venture!

Dr. Anja Timmermann


You are tired of...

  • not knowing where to start
  • you feel confused with all the input and shiny objects coming your way
  • you are not feeling fully confident
  • you feel stuck and frustrated and your are getting tired because you are missing your success...
  • you miss the level of freedom you wanted and that success in your business would give you
  • a place to come together and lift each other up
  • a place to learn together and grow together 
  • an international community of heart-centered, ambitious entrepreneurs who love what they do
  • a community of entrepreneurs who value freedom and cooperation and who want to make the world a better place
  • a place where we can dream BIG and feel safe and understood

"Within one month of joining, I had my highest grossing month...."

The Heart Sells membership community is an amazing resource!
Christine over-delivers as usual.

I've been studying marketing and sales for several years now. I've bought countless coaching programs and after a while they start to sound the same. Christine Schlonski's Heart Sells community is uniquely powerful for several reasons:

  • It includes a monthly masterclass that's always inspiring as well as practical
    Whether you're new to marketing or a veteran, every month has a special focus based
    on the masterclass. Often the class is taught by a guest presenter. And Christine is connected to so many talented business coaches.
  • It's also great to be able to network, give and receive support from the other 
    members of the community. I've made some wonderful connections with others in the group.
  • Christine is very hands on. With 2-3 calls a month, you never feel like a nameless customer who bought a pre-packaged product whose only contact is a VA at "support". She is there, live, ready to coach, answer questions and support each member.
  • Accountability. What I really needed wasn't another coaching program, but accountability. Heart Sells is an accountability and support community that is really helping me stay on top of my goals.

Christine is a gifted coach. She can spot your limiting beliefs and will call you on them, demanding that you step up to your best self.

Within one month of joining, I had my highest grossing month. I am on track to make 2021 my best year ever. Thank you Christine!

Because it's so new, the Heart Sells! community is like sales and marketing's best kept secret. Getting in early is a rare opportunity to enjoy the personal attention that a new and intimate group affords. At the current membership price, Heart Sells! is an outstanding value. I can't believe how much she gives for so little. Grab it before the price goes up!

Deb Perez USA

Heart Sells! Members' Community

What You'll Get In The Heart Sells! Members' Community when you Sign Up

With our Masterclasses you will deep dive into trainings of specific topics all around heart-centered business building.
You can watch them in any order that you like or you can just focus on our Masterclass of the month.

This will give you a big picture that you can focus on for each month and avoid overwhelm or distraction. 

When you join our monthly Q&A / Hot Seat Sessions LIVE you can ask the Masterclass Expert of the month any question and have the opportunity to get a Hot Seat with the expert. If you can't join live, you can email your question in advance any we'll address it for you. 
Usually the experts charge several hundreds, some thousands of dollars per session. With the Q&A call you have the opportunity to get your question answered for being a member. 

Each month we have a Members Networking Session. When you join Live you'll learn more about other members, their gifts and share yours. Together we can rise! is our motto. 

To help you keep the momentum in your business we have a Monthly Goal Setting Sessions at the end of each month.

They are designed to support you in settings goals, getting clear on what to focus on to grow your business for the next month, reaching new levels and getting your clarity to move forward with confidence.

At the end of these session is the Accountability Partner Matching, your opportunity to get a new accountability partner of the month to help you keep momentum and reach your goals.  

In case you missed this, you can let us know if you are looking for an accountability partner and we'll try to match you up. 

The Special Deal and Offer Page gives you unique offers and discounts with several services and you can save hundreds of dollars per year.
It is designed to support you and your business with amazing discounts and bonuses.
Each month new offers are added...  

and much, much more to come.... 

  • Make friends for life
  • Become super connected 
  • Find Accountabiity
  • Get insights and coaching from the best mentors in the industry
  • Be part of an amazing, international community
  • Opportunity to get your hands on very special deals that don't exist anywhere else. 

"I can sniff a great DEAL from miles away and the Life Time Membership is such a great deal..."

I am so happy that I joined the lifetime membership...the rewards exceed my expectations…
I love, love, love the plain easy to access format...the videos of the Masterclasses are the perfect length. It is nice to have time to review the speakers....and in a timely manner... the amount of knowledge that each presenter has is amazing. Each masterclass has something...lots of “seeds “ to plant a garden to grow... Great way to Start off the New Year 2021.

I also appreciate the people that I have met and the skills that each person has” brought to the table” the group / community has built an inner strength and oneness allowing each to move forward faster in a confidential and comfortable nonjudgmental atmosphere. So many friends are met globally in such a short time period. Thank you!

Maureen Messerli


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€ 347 / every three month


 € 116 per month

Recurring payment - cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse.

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€ 2497


 Never, ever pay again and benefit for month and years to come. Best deal EVER!

 Join Heart Sells! Members' Community
Build your heart-centered business that you LOVE 

I just love being part of the Heart Sells! Members Community. I joined the Community without hesitation pre-launch because I knew that working with an expert in sales of Christine’s caliber and heart-centered mindset, which resonates with me, would bring enormous value to me as someone who is definitely not a born salesperson and has some mindset issues around this area of my business. 
Christine and the speakers she invites to our sessions have shown me that it is possible to have a strategic yet natural approach to sales that feels totally comfortable because it comes from a place of authenticity and service. Working with an accountability partner from the community who I connect with weekly is tremendously supportive and helpful. The cherry on top is having the amazing opportunity to work with Christine for a small monthly investment.

Karen Venter // South Afrika

After working 1-1 with Christine, I really missed her amazing insights and energy! I was so happy when she told me she had a membership. 
Even though I knew it would be awesome, it really exceeded my expectations! She has gathered a powerful group of experts who put together amazing Masterclasses which is made even better by the live Q&A calls!

In typical Christine fashion, she has made sure we all feel as supported as possible! I really appreciate the monthly accountability & goal-setting calls as they help keep me on track! Thank you Christine for everything you do!

Melissa Acuna-Dengo // USA

I have been part of Christine’s Heart Sells Members' Community for about three months now. During this time, I have both enjoyed and appreciated the friendly accountability with fellow community members, made inspirational business connections, and gained very valuable insights into where to lift my game in my own business. 
I feel very supported by the chance to chat with other entrepreneurs, have monthly accountability partners, access to experts on the Q&A Calls with a Hot Seat opportunities after their monthly Masterclass which provides insights into areas of my business and brings these areas back into focus. And the monthly Goal Setting Sessions are also very helpful in terms of business goals and about what to aim for the next month. 
As a focused entrepreneur, it has been a very welcome and refreshing addition to the working week to become involved with a community of dedicated, energizing and resourceful entrepreneurs who are from diverse backgrounds.
Somebody once said, ‘Structure brings freedom.’
The Heart Sells! Members' Community brings refreshing accountability, connection, and personal growth to you and your business.

Colin MacLeod // Scottland

It is a great gift to be part of the HeartSells! Members'  Community. The online meetings are extremely helpful. Christine's personal, warm and professional manner is just good and encourages me to keep going! Thank you with all my heart! 

Caroline Minelli // Switzerland

Being a part of Christine Schlonski’s Heart Sell’s community has enhanced my business in many ways. Being part of an international group has brought a new element and prospective to for me personally as well as professionally. I highly recommend joining the community. It brings great value to every business.

Nancy Schwab // USA

"The most helpful and heartwarming community on the worldwide web. 
Not only that I got to know inspiring, interesting soulmates from all over the world, but also connected to thoughtful supporters of my monthly goals.
Christine's Heart Sells! Members' Community is like a vitamin supplement for my business venture! I am so excited to experience how this community will grow and thrive." 

Dr. Anja Timmermann // Germany 


When you sign up this time

Bonus 1
All Access Path to the Heart-Centered Lead-Generation Summit (value € 297)

Go behind the scenes with 40 world class, heart-centered lead generation experts.

They'll reveal how to end the struggle of finding your next client so you can serve more people, make more money, grow your business with heart & enjoy the freedom you are looking for.

This event will bring together the the crème de la crème in the industry to teach you what's working in lead generation that can skyrocket your business.

Bonus 2
A 15-minute Laser Coaching Session (value € 375)

Feel stuck? Not sure where to turn? Have just one important question?

Get on the call with Christine and get unstuck and clear. Laser coaching is a super effective way to help you keep moving forward and getting unstuck.

Christine's clients love this format and you'll get a session too!  

About the Creator of Heart Sells! Members' Community Christine Schlonski

Christine is know as The Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset.
She is a multi-talented leader in the field of Sales-Mindset, Motivation, and Strategies.
To support heart-centered, ambitious entrepreneurs she created the Heart Sells! Members Community. She is also the Founder of Heart Sell! Academy and the Host of Heart Sells! Podcast.

Christine works with heart-centered, ambitious, freedom loving and committed entrepreneurs who love what they do but feel very uncomfortable when it comes to selling their products and services. She shows them how to sell with ease, grace, and confidence.

Her experience includes over 12 years in successful selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events in the corporate world as a top producer and Sales Director making millions in revenue herself and through the successful sales teams she's built throughout her career.

In her coaching business, she has supported thousands of entrepreneurs to enjoy sales conversations and to generate more revenue with ease to make a bigger impact in the world.
Christine blends the tangible with the intangible. She empowers you to take ownership of your sales journey, to let go of your fear of selling -even over the phone!- ensuring successful delivery no matter where you are on your path by being totally authentic and true to your values.

In her heart, she truly believes that Sales is Love and that everyone can learn how to sell while being authentic and enjoying the journey.

Her Credo:

Sales is LOVE!

Christine’s personal attention is priceless. 

Christine’s personal attention is priceless.
Her heart is in ever touchpoint she has with me or others ambitious members of the Members' Community.

The best is I am fully seen and supported in my strength and shortcomings to move forward with my path at all times. 

Christine's ability to pair me up with the right accountability partner each month addressing the needs of the moment to enhance personal or business growth is stunning.

The selected high caliber guests speaker's input during recorded teachings and live Q&A sessions are tailored by Christine to my and other members interests.

Seldom have I experienced such an enriched environment.

Meilin Ehlke


Get Instant Access To
The Members' Community

Quarterly Plan


€ 347 / every three month


 € 116 per month

Recurring payment - cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse.

Lifetime Plan



€ 2497


 Never, ever pay again and benefit for month and years to come. Best deal EVER!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll right away?

Yes, you can get started right away. There are already 7 Masterclasses available for you to dive in. 
As soon as you'll enroll you'll receive a Welcome email and the details with this month call schedule. 

What if I can't make it to the calls?

No worries, the Q&A Call always gets recorded for you to watch at any time and you can also send in your questions before, so we can ask the expert for you and you can watch the answer on the recording. 

Is there a Money Back Guarantee? 

No, there is no Money Back Guarantee- We are putting so much love and care into the Members' Community that we kindly ask you to only join if it feels aligned for you. 

You can cancel your subscription any time with only a few clicks of your mouse. 

Do I have to have an Accountability Partner?

You can choose to have an accountability partner by coming to the call and get matched.
If you can't make it to the call you can let us know via email in advance. We also have a post in our closed Facebook Group to help you match up with an accountability partner after the call. 
So you are 100% flexible and supported. 

Will there be new Masterclasses every month? 

Yes, each an every month you'll get a new Masterclass and a new topic to support you and your business. Christine choses the experts carefully and makes sure she addresses topics that are relevant for the community. 

How do you choose the topics of the Masterclasses? 

We have a look at what the community needs and what you communicate to us. And often times you don't know what you don't know so Christine choses from her business experience to support yours. 

This might be the easiest or the toughest decision for you to join. 

When you join, this is will the place you just love and that you can't get enough of.

When you say YES to your growth, to connecting with like-minded, amazing entrepreneurs, magic will happen.

See you inside ;-) 

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